Saturday, March 28, 2009

  • Last night, I dreamed that we had sex and I felt so guilty. I don't know why, I never know why. I also dreamed that you walked into the bathroom and saw me on the toilet, no idea what that means either.
  • I'm ready for warm weather, ready to spend Saturday evenings in the backyard with friends, drinking beers and listening to music, ready to spend Sunday mornings in the backyard just the two of us, drinking coffee and listening to music.
  • My uncle starts radiation treatment this week. So yeah. I hear from one of my aunts that he is doing okay, and that his attitude is good. Whatever that means.
  • Just finished watching The Fall. It was incredible, one of the most beautiful movies I've seen. We started watching it last night and, as usual, I fell asleep. I had to finish watching it after Brian left to go play with Ian.
  • Work is going well, so much better since I got my boss to do what I wanted :) Not nearly as much stress as I have been having lately, which kicks ass.
  • We are dog-sitting for the kid this weekend, it's been a breeze! She sure did get a great dog, and he's awfully cute. One of the dogs has gas though, I'm not sure which.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Update on my uncle: He is out of the hospital, and having to be fed through a tube in his stomach. He is down to 95 lbs. The Chemo treatments did not work so they are going to do radiation treatments, but first they have to pull all of his teeth. We have doctor appointments this coming week and will see what we are going to do from there.

Fuck. me.