Thursday, July 16, 2009

News: back in February, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer. He had a tumor in his throat that prevented him from swallowing and dropped to about 95 pounds. He received chemo and radiation treatments but the cancer kept spreading. Two weeks ago, his doctor said that there was nothing else that they could do and gave him six months to live. On Tuesday, July 7th, he passed away. I know it's supposed to be a relief when someone so sick dies, but he was one of my favorite people in the whole world and I miss him. You know that person who loves you and supports you and always sees the good in you no matter what? He was mine.

Other news: my parents have moved back home to Colorado. I flew out with them on Saturday, 4 days too late to get to see my uncle. My mother's dementia is getting very, very bad and my stepfather was given 12 months to live by his doctor. So they wanted to get home while they could and will be staying with one of my aunts as long as she can handle caring for them. It's sad but I'm happy for them that they get to be home where they want.

So back to Ohio on Tuesday at like 5:30 pm, ate dinner, took a nap and then took Casey and some of her friends to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie. We got home at 3:30 am, it was freakin' crazy! Good movie though, and we had fun. I slept all day yesterday - right on! And now life should get back to somewhat normal. I hope.