Thursday, December 09, 2004

I think my amazing yet freakish ability to memorize everything is seriously less amazing lately. I feel very scattered, I can't remember the simplest things anymore. phone numbers and birthdays were stuck in my head forever, anniversaries too, or at least I thought so. now I need to look up numbers if I'm making a call and I'm planning on buying a birthday calendar so people don't get pissed when they don't get a card or whatever. I suppose this should be more alarming than it is. I'm sure it will be a bigger deal at some point. oh well.


::: said...

Welcome to my life. I still don't know our home phone number. We've lived here for 6+ months.

I'll do my best to not post stupid/irrelevant comments on every single entry, but I can't make any promises.

Michelle said...

if you don't post comments (irrelevant or not), then who will?

::: said...

Um, yeah. Good question. You got me there.