Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it's official (even though I knew last year)

Casey's school sucks. I seriously hate them. This Thursday is Take your Child to Work Day or whatever. and at her school, if I take her to work with me on Thursday, they count it as an unexcused absense. so if she was eligible for perfect attendance (which she is not), missing school on Thursday would make her ineligible. and if she didn't get her form turned in by yesterday (which she didn't), then she won't be able to make up the work that she will miss. fuck that. I'm just going to call Thursday morning and tell them she is sick.

I sent an email to the principal this morning telling him how disappointing it was that the school is not supporting this initiative and how I thought that it was the job of an educator to provide opportunities for our children to learn how to become responsible members of the community. or something like that. I'm still waiting for his answer.

this is just one more reason why her school sucks. earlier this month, she told me that they watched the announcement of the new pope in her class whatever day it was that they announced that. what the fuck?!?!? I'm trying not to blow up about that one but it's really killing me. I'm not religious, I don't pretend to be. and I wouldn't berate or belittle my child for expressing an interest in learning more about religion or for wanting to go to church. hell, I'd even drive her if she wanted to go. but her teacher crossed the line that the school has drawn regarding any kind of religion in the building. it's not my stupid rule, it's theirs. they should all be made to follow it.

these kids don't get to celebrate Halloween in any way. no costumes, no treats, no punch. nothing. no Christmas, no Valentine's Day. I don't think they even did anything for Thanksgiving. when I was a kid, we celebrated all of these holidays. it's no fucking big deal. they're kids. dammit, can you just let them act like kids once in a while?

the entire school did have a small celebration after proficiency exams. the theme? Mardi Gras. hardly kid-appropriate but I didn't complain. shit, at least it was something.

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Todd S. said...

I know what you mean.
As kids we had parties for everyone of those days.

But kids aren't allowed to be kids these days. They're expected to be "little adults." Fuck that. I want my kid to be a kid.

It's already bad enough that we're leaving our children a shitty ass world where they'll probably question the desire to even bring into it children of their own...but to fuck up their planet and take their childhood away?? fuck that.