Wednesday, June 22, 2005

my birthday, after a rocky start, turned out to be a great one after all. when I got to work, there were no balloons, no huge birthday banner, not even a card. this is how I prefer it. I don't like to draw unnecessary attention to myself for any reason, especially at work. and a big "Happy Birthday" over my cubicle seems to attract attention. I got a few birthday wishes from coworkers, which was nice. and a birthday poem and email from Ian. work was uneventful for the most part. so yay.

when I got home, two of my sisters, two nephews and a niece were there. and Brian of course. he warned me at the door that we had a house full of people, which was very sweet, and gave me a dozen red roses. seriously, who would not love this man? I got two nice cards from my sisters and a new cute shirt. they slowly got the hint that it was time to leave and Brian fixed dinner.

we had yummy steaks and baked potatoes and a nice bottle of Riesling. we debated on whether to go see a movie or not and eventually decided to rent one instead. the night was so peaceful and relaxing, except for some whining from the dog, who was begging for some steak. and the best part was getting a card in the mail from Casey. it really made my day.


annie said...

I'm sorry about your son. You are doing the right thing by not "enabling" him! That's what he needs is "tough love".

However, if alcohol continues to be a problem with him, I hope you intervene and stop him before he really goes too far with it, or drugs.

It sounds like you had a nice birthday!

Stephanie said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

Last Girl On Earth said...

Ditto after Stephanie. Happy Birthday... better late than never!

ginger said...

DANG! Now I missed YOUR birthday! Sorry!

Hope you had a good one.