Friday, June 03, 2005

time for a new post

I don't like meeting new people. I'm completely convinced that I make a terrible first impression. I don't want to be looked at or talked about or even thought about. I'm uncomfortable at parties when I don't have someone beside me who I know really well. I am so bad at making small talk or initiating conversations. I feel like a total social retard. I'm 36 years old and act like an awkward teenager whenever I meet someone. it's awful.

of course Brian is the exact opposite. he has a way of fitting in wherever he goes and everyone thinks he is a great guy, which he is. I'm so envious and impressed and proud all at the same time.


ginger said...

Opposites attract! Sounds like me and my fiance... only I'm the social one, and he likes to hang back - if he goes at all! :)

Michelle said...

opposites attract!

it's really so true but the weird thing is that we have a lot in common too. and I can totally believe that you're the social one!

emaleejayne said...

Me too! I get so nervous in social situations! Aren't we Geminis supposed to be experts at that kind of thing?