Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I left for work this morning, walked outside to find that it was raining and that Brian forgot to take the trash to the curb. of course the trash bin was overly full. of course I had straightened my hair. of course I had to take the trash out and now have not-great hair today. I was dreading going to work more than normal because this is my first day back since finding out that I didn't get the promotion I applied for. bleh.

I was in a bad mood already because the boy moved out yesterday and was a complete ass about it. he's really mad at me for kicking him out but things only got worse once he got back from Utah. not that he broke any more rules but his attitude was horrible. the kids all got back on Wednesday. it's never been a bittersweet homecoming before, which sucks.

after I got home from work on Friday, I told him that he needed to figure out what he was doing and where he was going to live. I think if he would have apologized and asked us not to make him leave, I might have changed my mind. but he was still incredibly defiant and disrespectful and called me a hypocrit for being mad at him for drinking. he said that he wasn't sorry for anything and that he didn't think I could legally kick him out until his court costs from his juvenile probation stuff were paid. I told him I was paying them next week and that he had until Monday to get out.

he left the house right after our talk and didn't come back until Sunday afternoon. when I asked him if he found somewhere to stay, he said that he had. when I asked him where, he said that it wasn't any of my business. when I asked him why he wasn't staying there yet, he said that he had one more day before he had to leave. he then managed to eat all of the snacks that we had gotten for the girls that were supposed to last all week in about 24 hours, invited three of his loser friends over while we were at Buck Creek Beach yesterday to help him pack and eat a ton of other stuff, and left without saying a word to anyone.

it's for the best, I keep telling myself that. he obviously has a lot of growing up to do and hopefully being out on his own will help. he is being a huge jerk to us and the girls but it still kills me to know that I'm not going to see him for a while. Brian isn't being very supportive right now either. I can't talk to him about it without him getting angry. I understand that he's frustrated with the boy but I wish he understood that I just need him to be there for me and he can't seem to manage that right now. I can't imagine how this day could get any shittier.


Cat said...

Ugh, that just plain sucks, I hope that all works out for you all. The boy will learn on his own. but sure is hard to watch from a distance isn't it. :( Take care!

ginger said...

Ouch. Not an easy situation. I admire you for sticking to your guns. So many parents enable their children and make excuses. Things will get better. The week is just trying to get to you because we officially "missed" Monday, so Tuesday thought he would have a go round as the shitty week day.

I'll be thinking of you, girl!

Sniffy said...

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
I think you did the right thing.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sometimes, you can have a real bad day, Michelle. It's bad right after not getting a promotion.

annie said...

I had to get a little pushy with my daughter, too. After almost a year of her trying to buy every last thing thing she would need for an apartment, I had to finally say, (yell) I didn't have a QUARTER of this shit when I moved out! Get going already, you know?
That and I was tired of her old, "I'm 18, I can do what I want, blah, blah, blah..."
Yes, but not in MY house you can't!

She was a little pissy for about a month or two but then everything was fine. She was happier and had freedom and I was supportive of that, and that's all you can do, once they move out. Then, (if they are taking care of themself), they sort of ARE an adult.

Don't beat yourself up! The birdies sometimes need a little push out of the nest.