Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I don't think I have another long post in me right now

Ian wanted me to post something that would take forever to read so we could test out my new background color but I only have shallow things in my head right now. so instead of a real post, you get bulleted nonsense!
  • the shirt I am wearing today makes me obsess about my breasts. because it's a bit low-cut. I have to wear a black bra (which is not the most comfortable one I have) with it so it doesn't show. the shirt is super awesome, showing cleavage at work is not. no really, trust me, it's not. if I actually had some to show it might be better. but I don't.
  • lunch today was a chicken gyro. yum! but it sure was messy. I feel like I have cucumber sauce all over my face. I don't! I checked.
  • I still don't have my shoes unpacked and put away. I am trying to force myself to do it tonight though. I dumped them all out on the bedroom floor this morning so they will be in my way when I get home from work. I hope it isn't too annoying for Brian but I'm afraid it's the only way it will get done. I did get to wear a pair of shoes today that I haven't had since we moved!
  • I did get some pictures hung up in the living room last night though. and Brian put up some shelves for me. it looks and feels so much better in there. Casey said it looked like home. awwww.
  • yesterday, when I left work there was a dead bird right outside the front doors. it was lying face down in the mulch. today when I got to work, some guy walked by with a napkin or something in his hand, picked up the bird and threw it in the trashcan. so unceremoniously. and callous, I thought. don't ask me what I expected, it just made me a little sad.
  • either the dead bird story or my lunch or something else is making me feel nauseous all of a sudden. I think I might go home early.