Wednesday, August 03, 2005

list of things making me cranky

  • our little department at work had a reorganization on Monday. now all the people in my aisle are either too old, too young or too bitchy to have much in common with. although the young girl is pretty cool. I guess I'll be wearing my headphones more often.

  • I haven't had time/energy to unpack my shoes since we moved so I've been wearing the same $5 flip flops from last year all week.

  • it seems unlikely that I will be getting the raise I just asked for, in spite of the fact that I have more responsibilities. it is also possible that I won't get a raise next year either.

  • I lost a Battle of the Blogs challenge on Blog Explosion to a blog "written" by a lesbian guinea pig. no, really. I need to stick to voting.

  • Brian and my brother-in-law and my sister took the day off today. I'm the only stupid one who went to work. and I'm here for another two hours.