Monday, August 15, 2005

we took the girls school shopping this weekend. Friday night we went to Target to get school supplies. Target has way cooler school stuff plus they had a shirt there that Casey wanted. I tried to get Hannah to pick out some school clothes but she didn't like anything there. she said she would rather go to the thrift stores for her clothes, which is where most of her things come from.

when I was a kid, I hated thrift store clothes, probably because we had to wear them. I wouldn't set foot in a thrift store unless threatened with physical harm. fortunately, we don't have to shop there now (not that we're rich or anything!) but it's actually kinda' fun. my kids love thrift shopping, especially Hannah.

Hannah definitely has her own sense of style. for years she would only wear things from the boys department. I have to say I didn't really blame her, most little girls clothes at the time were either overly girly or overly revealing. she was always a bit of a tomboy so girly clothes weren't her thing, especially dresses. I didn't really worry about it much and just let her wear what she wanted.

she slowly started to change as she got older, which we all do I suppose. it was subtle at first, a couple of pink t-shirts made their way into her wardrobe, a cool little jacket from Limited Too. she started asking me to buy her pants that weren't so baggy, which I was happy to do. I think she was getting more comfortable with her figure and was feeling more confident with herself. self-esteem is a wonderful thing. I'm glad she found some.

she loves jackets and sweaters, in any color or pattern, silk shirts and striped or plaid pants. her shoes are still mostly boyish, except for her hot pink Chuck Taylor's, which she decorated with a purple marker. they look awesome and are totally original, just like Hannah.

she gets compliments on her wardrobe all the time, at school or when we're out in public. it's great. she still won't wear dresses or skirts but that's okay. she is definitely her own person and doesn't let other people's opinions (even mine!) change how she thinks. I'm so proud of her for that.

anyway, we found a few nice things for her at the thrift stores on Saturday. Casey picked up a couple of shirts and some pants and Brian and I found a few things too. it was great spending the day with them.

I really treasure the times we get to spend together, I know the day is coming soon when the girls will have their own lives and won't want to do things with us anymore and Brian and I will be left to entertain ourselves. I am dreading that as much as I am looking forward to it.