Monday, September 12, 2005

long time, no write

I'm finally over that cold/flu thing that I've had for more than a week! it really was the worst. it seemed like I only had enough energy to make it through the day at work and once I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep on the couch. we did a couple of things last week though, had drinks with Brian's friend Mark Wednesday night and went to our nephew's first football game Thursday night. I felt a lot better by the weekend, luckily.

I uploaded a few pictures that I wanted to post from Labor Day weekend. lighting the gigantic sparklers was a bust, for the most part. I guess they were too old because they didn't want to stay lit for very long. the kids had fun though, which is really all that matters. we had to light them with the citronella torches, which made for an interesting photo:


and of course, taking pictures of sparklers is always fun. I think this is Casey, but I'm not sure:


we don't really have much going on right now. just enjoying the new house and the last few weeks of summer. the boy is staying with us until the 18th and then he's moving to Utah to stay with Casey's dad. when he first told me about it, I was kinda' sad. but he's been with us again for about two weeks and I have realized that nothing has changed. he is following our rules now because he knows that we won't let him stay with us unless he does, but his attitude hasn't improved at all. he needs to grow up and it doesn't seem to be happening here. hopefully the move will be good for him.

the girls are doing well with school. Casey has a band performance this weekend at the high school football game, which should be a lot of fun. she has some new friends this year and seems to be enjoying middle school.

Hannah has joined a band with some of her friends from school. she's playing the drums and apparently they're a punk band, which is surprising because Hannah doesn't like to play punk music. oh well, I'm glad that she's doing something outside the house. she tends to sleep too much or spend hour after hour on the computer. she is actually looking for a job right now. yay Hannah!

things with Brian are wonderful. we still need to do something to celebrate our anniversary since I've been too sick to actually do anything. I'd love to get away for an entire night alone but that will have to wait until the boy is gone. Saturday night, Brian went to see KISS with Ian (read Ian's post about it here) while I spent the evening watching the OSU v. Texas game at my sister's house. we drank (too many) margaritas and had pizza and wings. it was fun but I missed my sweetie. Sunday I spent most of the day sleeping/recovering and watching more football. I'm so excited that football is back!!!

one last picture, just because it's so cute, of Casey soaking up some sun with Phoebe. that dog will lay in front of these doors for hours if the sun is out.