Tuesday, October 11, 2005

it's 10:00pm

I'm ready for bed. chances are I fell asleep on the couch half an hour ago. Brian is a night owl and can fully function on waaaay less sleep than I can. it's almost always well after 11:00 before he's ready for bed. usually he will gently wake me with a kiss on the cheek and ask if I would like to "watch tv in bed" which is code for him watching tv in bed while I sleep. this question always makes me so happy! I hate to go to bed without him but the couch isn't nearly as comfortable as our lovely warm bed.

one of two things happens when I actually get in bed though (it's one of three things actually, but we're not going to talk about the third thing here!): either I immediately fall asleep, almost without telling him goodnight, or I've had just enough sleep for a sudden burst of energy and decide that I'm not tired after all. then, I start acting all goofy and stupid while Brian is trying to unwind and relax. and even when that is out of my system, I can't get back to sleep without tossing and turning and readjusting my pillows and making sure my side of the comforter has enough feathers. I really am an ass. but he just smiles down at me with an amused look on his face, shakes his head and quietly laughs. because, in spite of my jackassed-ness, he loves me.