Friday, October 07, 2005

old poetry alert!

I wrote this about my niece (I posted about her earlier here) one day when I was angry with her dad for something thoughtless I overheard him saying to her. my friend Mark thought it was about me. he may have been right :)

sad little girl, alone in your world. no one even notices you're there.

scared little girl, afraid fo your world. but no one seems to care.

poor little girl, cast out of your world. as if you don't belong.

lonely little girl, hurt by your world. you don't always know right from wrong.

take hear,t little girl, take your place in the world. soon you'll find your way.

be smart, little girl, you can make your own world. one where it's safe to play.

feel safe, little girl, as you travel your world. but please don't go too far.

smile, little girl, there are people in this world who love you just as you are.