Friday, December 02, 2005

our first date

Indigo asked this question on her blog:

Do you remember your first date and where did you go?

I thought I had already posted this here but apparently not. anyway...

the first time Brian and I went out by ourselves, we started the night at his bar. (why are boys so bad at planning an evening out?) we spent most of our time there with this older couple, who eventually turned out to be my sister's aunt and uncle-in-law. they were both really funny. there were a lot of people there that Brian knew, I only knew him but everyone was very, very nice to me. it's such a great place, we always have the best time there because the people are just so damn nice.

at one point Brian got up to go to the restroom and an older guy that he knows was talking to me while he was gone about how his daughter wanted to get her tongue pierced. he was confused about why anyone would want to do that. Brian came back from the bathroom and asked what we were talking about. I tried to subtly kick him on the leg to tell him to drop it. but since we didn't know each other that well, he didn't get the hint and proceeded to tell this guy that a tongue piercing is used for sexual pleasure, not realizing, obviously, that we were talking about the man's 19 year old daughter!

the guy didn't really say much after that. he just kind of wandered off, probably offended by our poorly hidden laughter after I whispered to Brian what he had just done. Brian said that the poor guy was probably too drunk to remember it. I guess he was right because when he sees us, he's still just as sweet as before.

I love to tell that story because Brian is still a little embarassed about the whole thing. I think he learned his lesson though. he knows that if I kick him before he starts talking in the middle of a conversation, he probably shouldn't say what he was just about to say.

we left the bar shortly before midnight and took a walk at the park. we sat in one of the wooden swings and made out for a little while, then he took me to Waffle House. it probably doesn't sound like much but it really was a great night. we talked and laughed a lot and I really felt so comfortable with him right away. before we started seeing each other, he was planning to move to Florida with a friend. that night, on our first date, he told me that he had changed his mind and was staying in Ohio. I get all girly and warm inside just remembering that.