Monday, December 12, 2005

x-mas #2

we celebrated Christmas on Saturday with Brian's dad and stepmom. they had a big party at his stepsister's house and it was just lovely, as usual. there was tons of delicious food, and everyone is always so nice and funny and generous. seriously, they spend way too much money on all of us. and from the first time I spent the holiday with them, they have treated me and my kids like family. they really are incredible people, I do love his family.

his grandfather lives in Indiana so he just gives us money to do his shopping for him. we buy presents for the kids and for each other, wrap them up and bring them to the Christmas party so he can watch us open them and see what he got us! it's silly, but fun. and he always makes jokes about how much shopping he had to do. this year, grandpa bought me a foot spa, a xyron machine for scrapbooking and a Harry Potter DVD box set.

I also got a book by my favorite author, the new Fiona Apple CD, more scrapbooking stuff, a new scarf, hat and gloves set and a bunch of other stuff. see what I mean? they're too much.

we all had a great time. and our next Christmas party will be the one at our house with my family. it's going to be so much fun! I love this time of year.