Tuesday, July 25, 2006

nothing much...what's new?

My apologies to the one person who reads this thing for not updating more often. My head is just spinning and it's hard to make it stop long enough to put things down in writing.

Casey is coming home tonight. Her flight gets in at 11:45pm. And I have the day off tomorrow so we can sleep in and spend the day laying around the house, so yay! I feel like I haven't had a day off in forever, which is probably not true. Poor Brian has to work. I feel bad for him.

Work has been kicking my ass lately. I've been doing a special project in hopes of getting some sort of bonus for completing it quickly. We'll see. I could really use the extra money right now too, for Hannah's senior pictures. This year is really going to cost us I think. But she is worth it and we're really proud of her.

Speaking of Hannah, she will be back from Colorado tomorrow night. I hope she is having a good time. There are lots of kids her age to hang out with but she doesn't really know them and isn't always the most outgoing kid. But even if she spends the whole time with my aunt, she'll have more fun than she would at home. I can't wait for her to be back, even though she only left on Friday. I hate not seeing them every day. I'm lame, I know.

We had a few friends over on Saturday night for a cookout. It was a lot of fun. The weather was gorgeous, it was sunny but breezy out. Perfect. We had chicken and steak kabobs, salmon, salad, rice and a few other cookout foods and margaritas. Yum!! Later that evening we went to a local pizza place to listen to the band that was playing out on their new patio. My brother-in-law's band is playing there this Saturday so he wanted to check out the sound and space and stuff.

That was a lot of fun too. We had a few beers and listened to the kick-ass girl singer. I personally had a few too many beers so I spent Sunday doing a bunch of nothing. It was awesome, except for the headache. And for some reason my back hurt. That sucked. So did the fact that the boy drank the rest of the margaritas Sunday night. Damn him.