Thursday, February 24, 2005

my 100 things

I hope I can think of 100 things that are semi-interesting!

  1. I am 36 years old.
  2. I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska.
  3. we moved from there when I was 1.
  4. so I don't remember it at all.
  5. I grew up in Colorado.
  6. I miss the mountains every day.
  7. I live outside of Columbus, Ohio now.
  8. I've lived in Ohio for more than 12 years.
  9. but I don't consider myself an Ohioan.
  10. I am married to the most incredible man in the whole world.
  11. we have been married for almost six months.
  12. this is my third marriage.
  13. it is also my last.
  14. he cooks dinner almost every night.
  15. we have so much in common!
  16. his nephew used to date my sister.
  17. that's how we met.
  18. we started dating approx. 1 month after they broke up.
  19. I have three children.
  20. one boy, eighteen next month.
  21. two girls, sixteen and twelve.
  22. they are my life.
  23. I love them more than anything in the world.
  24. there were times when they were the only reason I did not kill myself.
  25. they are all amazing and interesting kids.
  26. we have a dog named Phoebe.
  27. she's a beagle.
  28. who sleeps almost all day.
  29. I suspect that she thinks she is a cat.
  30. this list thing is easier than I thought.
  31. I am slowly becoming addicted to CSI.
  32. against my will.
  33. sometimes when I watch it, I get bad dreams.
  34. then again, I have bad dreams even when i didn't watch it.
  35. but it's getting better.
  36. because I feel so safe when I'm sleeping next to Brian.
  37. I have two brothers.
  38. one step-brother.
  39. and three step-sisters.
  40. we are all superficially close.
  41. but I'm actually close to two of my step-sisters.
  42. the third one doesn't really like me.
  43. it's okay, I don't usually mind.
  44. she thinks I flirt with her husband.
  45. which is complete bullshit. but whatever.
  46. I am a Gemini.
  47. which means I am also bipolar.
  48. no offense to other Geminis.
  49. but you know it's true.
  50. maybe this should have been my 50 things.
  51. quit stalling!
  52. I am a HUGE Simpsons fan.
  53. we're talking HUGE HUGE HUGE!
  54. I can probably make a Simpsons reference for any situation.
  55. my poor husband humors me.
  56. that's how I know that he loves me.
  57. well, one way.
  58. we have a godson.
  59. his name is Reid.
  60. he is the cutest baby I know.
  61. he has been out of state about a month.
  62. he will be home next week!!!
  63. we can't wait to see him.
  64. I am an amateur photographer.
  65. it would be cool to make that my career someday.
  66. but I have no idea how to make that happen.
  67. so it probably won't.
  68. I have started to scrapbook.
  69. it was my New Year's resolution.
  70. Brian bought me a kit for Mother's Day.
  71. he makes me say it was from the kids.
  72. I actually enjoy it a lot.
  73. and it's so easy!
  74. I have tons of photos to choose from.
  75. so that helps.
  76. I hate the phone.
  77. and get highly annoyed when people call me.
  78. no matter who it is.
  79. I never get up to answer it when it rings.
  80. because I don't care who's calling.
  81. my favorite comeback is "your mom."
  82. it's the best when I use it inappropriately.
  83. as in "where are my tan socks?"
  84. "your mom!"
  85. it's the worst when I say it to my kids.
  86. as in "who wants to drive me to the dance?"
  87. "your mom. dammit!"
  88. I always laugh when I hear someone say number two.
  89. come on! that's funny.
  90. we once attended a toga-rita party!
  91. that means guests were to wear togas and drink margaritas.
  92. it was Brian's idea.
  93. but not our party.
  94. we wore togas.
  95. so did my two sisters and brother-in-law, Jack.
  96. Jack made his out of Saran Wrap.
  97. it was not sexy.
  98. the five of us were the only ones in togas.
  99. this thing took longer than I thought it would.
  100. but I did it!!! kinda'.

I'm sorry, I don't know how to do the blogger equivalent to the LJ cut. if anyone knows, please fill me in!


Chick said...

Great list!

I'm an amateur photographer too 9& I've lived in Ohio...but I'm not a buckeye)...

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