Tuesday, April 19, 2005

leave me alone. I'm medicated.

  • I'm not a big fan of medication of any kind. it takes a lot of pain to even get me to take a Tylenol. so if I do take something it's because I'm feeling horrible. punchline: the allergy medicine I took this morning is making me feel weird...all shaky and groggy and unfocused. non-drowsy, my ass. on the plus side, no allergy symptoms!

  • someone's lunch is very oniony smelling. I detest onions and have a very weird onion ESP. oh well, I'll get even with him or her when I heat up the salmon I brought for lunch. take that!

  • the shirt I wore to work today could use another button at the top. I feel like I'm flashing the whole office. it's not good. plus it's one of those shirts that gaps between buttons for no reason. I knew I should have worn a shirt underneath it.

  • things are so much better now. Brian saw that post and asked me what was wrong and we talked and stuff. he's wonderful.

  • why does the media think we give a fuck who the next pope is? I mean seriously, who really cares? not me, not anyone I know. and why were our flags at half-staff (is that right?) when he died?

  • according to michele it is Thank You Fairy Blogmother Day, according to MommaK. so I am thanking my friend iancstewart for talking me into starting this thing. and for all the nice things he says when I write real stuff here and for always being so supportive. he may be kicking himself for it today because of this bullshit post but that's what he gets. now you all know who to blame!

  • I still need more blog links but I'm getting there! twenty-one and counting. I hope no one (cough...panthergirl) minds when I steal links from their blogs. I'm just too lazy to find my own.

  • I wish I was allowed to have Mountain Dew. I could really use the energy right now. so sleepy...


Betsy said...

Sounds exactly how I was feeling yesterday and last night My remedy, of course, was wine, chocolate and bed: I'm hereby prescribing it for you as well...!

Dick said...

Sex...sex is good when you are out of it...hell sex is good when your into it also. Hope you feel better...

Chick said...

I took that stuff once too...same thing happened to me...now I just suffer the allergy symptoms quietly & deal with it. (Who am I kidding? I complain about them every stinking chance I get...& that somehow makes me feel a little bit better).

Oooh, I like Betsy's presciption...that will work for me.

Glad Brian made things better for you.