Wednesday, April 06, 2005

me, a feminist?!?!?

spur-of-the-moment plans were made to borrow a truck Friday night and pick up a new barbecue grill. plans were then postponed until Saturday afternoon so we could go have a few drinks at our bar instead (much better plans!). Saturday afternoon, my brother with the truck called to say that he and a friend of his were already out and would just meet us at Lowe's with the truck and drop off the grill at our house when they were done with their errands. below is the conversation we had afterwards, more or less.

she said: I'm glad there will be boys there to help load up the grill. and they'll be here to drop it off an unload it. I was worried about you doing all that work yourself.

he said: but you would have been there to help! it would have been fine.

she said: I wasn't planning to help. it's big. and heavy! and I'm a girl.

he said: well, if we had gone last night, how would we have managed?

she said: people in the store could have loaded it up. and I guess the boy would have been here to help unload it.

he said (teasingly): but wait...aren't you a feminist? what about equality between men and women? don't you think that women can do anything?

she said: yeah right. you know that's not true. you're thinking of your first wife.

actually, I would say just about anything if it got me out of doing stuff. but I really am a firm believer that there are things that boys should do and things that girls should do. he knows this. and since I am a girl, there are things that I do not do except in an emergency. such as:
  • moving furniture
  • or anything heavy
  • mowing the lawn
  • checking the oil, etc. in the car
  • using the barbecue grill
  • driving on long trips
  • plunging toilets or any plumbing
  • checking out strange noises
  • changing a flat tire

there are probably lots of other things that I can't think of right now. but you get the idea. I know, I know. it's a good thing Brian is such a patient and wonderful man.


Dick said...

Here's another thing a girl shouldn't do... walk in the bedroom while your husband is nailing your best friend. She should just stay in the kitchen and make some sandwiches for when we're done.

Michelle said...

I completely agree. or if she does walk in, she should grab the videocamera and start shooting and then make sandwiches after.

Todd S. said...

Well, if you plan it right, the camera would already be on the tri-pod. She should just jump in. Sandwiches should already be in the fridge.

um. OK.

but I would have to say that I agree with your other list. I find myself doing all those things. And I'm cool with that. :)