Thursday, May 12, 2005

in other news

  • my new site counter is stroking my ego quite nicely. I know only about half of those clicks are mine. just kidding...they're all mine!!!
  • did I mention we will be out of town this weekend? I know, I already wrote about that. I'm just so excited about it!
  • the children are almost definitely going to visit X next month. all three of them. for at least two weeks. don't come over while they're gone. I'm just saying.
  • sorry everyone. I can't write real posts at home. no privacy here, unlike at work where I usually write personal stuff from. I don't know.
  • Brian's nephew is graduating from college this weekend, so yay! unfortunately he joined the National Guard to help pay for it so he might be going to Iraq in a few months. I'm so scared for him. so, not yay.
  • Casey had a band concert tonight. this is her first year. it was really nice, they did a great job. apparently it's a tradition for the sixth grade band to play "Hang On, Sloopy" at the end of their concert. I hate that song. it did get them a standing ovation though. weirdo Ohioans.


::: said...

What does Casey play in band?

Chick said...

Weirdo made me smile.

I agree...Buckeyes are strange ; )

Micah said...

I'm not a native Ahia-an, so the whole "Hang On Sloopy" and spontaneous cheers of "O-H I-O" were perplexing when I moved up here. But at least the band wasn't playing "Louie Louie".

jootastic said...

statcounter makes me want to make my blog more interesting.. but i'm too lazy.

Michelle said...

stew: Casey plays the clarinet in band. ps - nice pic!

chick and micah: I don't get it. at all. but I'm getting better at pretending.

joo: your blog makes me laugh all the time. it's interesting enough already!