Tuesday, May 24, 2005

too many to count

there are so many things that I love about my husband but I'm going to try to make a list of my favorite ones, in no particular order. for no reason other than that I really enjoying thinking about him and what a wonderful person he is.

  1. he accepts me as I am and has no desire to change me.
  2. he loves my children and understands that he will always come second to them.
  3. he doesn't take it personally when I have a hard time believing that he is too good to be true. he knows it's just me and my issues.
  4. he would do anything I ask him to do and proves it all the time. whenever I say, "honey, could you do me a favor?" he always answers, "of course."
  5. he cooks for me. all the time. almost every night. and he's great at it.
  6. he quit smoking before we moved in together. voluntarily of course!
  7. he is kind and loving and loyal and tender and sweet.
  8. he knows how to make me laugh.
  9. he is smart and funny and sarcastic.
  10. he has great taste in music.
  11. he writes me poetry.
  12. he is honest.
  13. he cares about doing the right thing.
  14. he is amazing in bed.
  15. he loves my family! imgaine that.
  16. he is an incredible musician and artist.
  17. he buys great presents. not that I want lots of presents but when he buys me something, it's perfect.
  18. he is a great dresser. as a matter of fact, he dresses way better than I do. once Casey told me that I needed to change what I was wearing because he looked so nice and I was bringing him down.
  19. he is romantic.
  20. he is just the most decent person I have ever met and I consider myself very lucky to even know him, much less be married to him.

I promised myself I would stop at 20 things. but I really could go on forever.

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ginger said...

I think it is so wonderful that two people like y'all found each other. From what I've read you two are totally smitten! I'm happy for you :)