Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'm finding that I have very little in common with the young twenty-somethings I know. which is probably long overdue, considering that I am 36 years old. it's not a bad thing necessarily, we're just at different stages in our lives. we have different concerns and opinions and problems. it's weird...for the first time in forever I actually feel like I have more in common with people my own age.

I've always hung out with people younger than me, I don't know why. possibly it was because I felt like they were harmless, more like kids than adults. possibly it was because all the people my age seemed old and boring. possibly it was an attempt to avoid being a grown-up (X always used to say that people would say I looked younger than my age because I acted so immature, which was probably true). they were fun, they never slept, they had crazy ideas and weren't afraid to share them. but lately, I'm drawn to people who are more settled, people who know who they are and what's really important. and it's funny to think that I might be one of those people now.

I'm slowing down and enjoying my life in my old age, instead of always being on the run and letting the years pass by so quickly. things that seemed important when I was in my twenties don't really concern me now. it's okay if I have a different opinion and keep it to myself. it's okay to be who I am and feel how I feel, I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not to fit in.

it's so lovely to just relax and spend time reflecting on life and watch the clouds drift by. I should definitely spend more time doing that.

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