Monday, June 20, 2005

my own personal series of unfortunate events

I normally work from 8-12 on Fridays. it is so awesome having those afternoons off. I usually have a million errands to run but it's nice to get them out of the way before the weekend starts.

this past Friday I was planning to come home and wash the dog and then do a little housework before Brian got home. things started out well enough. until I locked myself and the soaking wet dog out of the house. without my cell phone. and of course I don't know any of the neighbors.

so Phoebe and I had to walk to my sister's house so she could drive me to Brian's work to pick up a key. the dog was completely drenched and still soapy. my sister wasn't home. luckily Brian's dad and stepmom live next door to her place. and, yay! they were home.

the owner's wife answered the phone when I called Brian at work. that's always good. but she did let me speak to him right away, which never happens. I must have sounded desperate. I explained what happened, he chuckled for a minute and said he would be right there. he had to pick us up at his parents, drive us home, let us in the house and then go back to work for two hours. how sucky is that?

the rest of my weekend was wonderful. no really! but I'll write about that later so I can post some pictures. I know you can't wait!

ps - tomorrow is my birthday.

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