Sunday, June 19, 2005

Photo Friday - catch up

I'm posting pictures for the last three Photo Fridays because I've fallen behind in my posting. today is going to be all about posting pictures.

This week's challenge: Sports

I love this picture. my nephew went to Magic Mountain with us for Casey's birthday and in this shot, he has completely missed the ball! mini golf counts as a sport, right?

Last week's challenge: Nerdy

my brother-in-law's cousin, making a nerdy face wearing nerdy glasses and a nerdy Steelers coat. he's actually a normal looking guy but I'm not sure what he was doing when I took this picture.

Two weeks ago: Rare

there's a long story behind this one. Hannah never wears dresses and hasn't worn one in about 8 years. the dress she's wearing in the picture is the dress her sister Casey wore to our wedding. yes, she's wearing it over a purple camo t-shirt. you can't see her grey pants or Doc Marten boots under the skirt. the only reason she's wearing this dress and letting me take a picture of her is because I bribed her with a new hacky sack. Hannah will do almost anything for a laugh.

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