Wednesday, July 20, 2005

so our billing system is not up at work, which means that I have been here for three hours with absolutely no work to do. I could go home, but would have to use vacation time. so I'm going to try to stick it out until the system is working.

I'm not good at hanging out here when there's nothing to do. plus I keep thinking that I could have been home packing instead of wasting all morning on blogexplosion.

of course, as soon as I start writing a new post, the system is available.

UPDATE: apparently I "spoke" too soon about being able to work. yes, the system is available but is throwing out errors like candy. stupid stupid stupid.

in other work news, I was sitting at my desk this morning (with nothing to do) when I noticed there was a bad poopy smell nearby. it didn't go away either. so I assumed that maybe someone had gas, which was unfortunate. but when the smell still lingered about an hour later, I realized that I had stepped in goose poop on the way in from the parking lot. ewwwwww.