Wednesday, July 27, 2005

sucky stuff

as of today, I haven't seen or talked to the boy in 23 days. that is forever. I'm still completely devastated every time I think about him moving out but I know it had to be done.

all kinds of stuff reminds me of him and whenever I think about him it makes me so sad. I wish I could just talk to him for a few minutes to make sure that he's okay. we don't even know exactly where he's staying.

he still IM's Hannah, which is good. at least he knows we're moving!


my pregnant sister is having another boy. and they're probably naming him "Gage". that's not a name for a person. also, her completely useless, waste of space husband is being a useless waste of space again and they are probably splitting up for the five hundredth time. apparently, he hates her, thinks she's a bad mother (which, surprisingly she's not) , never wanted another kid and only agreed to get her pregnant because he felt guilty for cheating on her earlier this year. sounds like a great guy, huh?

she's no picnic either. she's bitchy and controlling and bossy and selfish and whiny. they dated for about a month before she got pregnant the first time and were married five months later. they've been fighting and splitting up and getting back together ever since. she says that she still loves him but I know that the biggest reason behind that is because she thinks he's gorgeous. to me he looks scrawny and weaselly. I hope he goes away soon.


my mother is getting worse very quickly. on Thursday, she has lost her purse and on Friday, her car keys. Saturday she disappeared for about an hour and a half, causing my stepdad to call me crying because he didn't know where she was. she can't keep her work schedule straight and can't remember when her doctor's appointments are. she is having trouble doing her job and keeps forgetting to take her medication. her doctor still doesn't know what the problem is, there is a mass or an indent on her brain and something going on with her heart. more and more tests are being done. what exactly they think it is, they aren't telling.


if I didn't have a wonderful husband who loves me and supports me and keeps me centered, I would be going out of my mind right about now.