Thursday, July 28, 2005

I've said it before I know, but everyone here is so awesome. I really, really appreciate all the nice comments and encouragement. since I don't know the best way to respond individually, I'm going to answer some of you now.

Croaker: thank you for the comment. I don't know exactly how you're feeling right now, but I've been there. trust me.

Anisa: you really are so sweet! I hope things get better for you too. and I'm very glad that you have such a wonderful husband to make things easier for you!

Jootastic: you are so right! I'm glad you know what I mean.

Ginger: thanks for your thoughts. a lot of yucky stuff is going on right now but a lot of good stuff is too. so I'm trying to stay focused on the positives. it's not always easy though.

Maribeth: one of my favorite things about the blogosphere is the support and encouragement you get from people who don't even know you. it's such a powerful thing.

Annie: it took us both a few tries to figure it out, didn't it? at least we finally got it right!

Ben: I KNOW!!! so do they, but apparently, they think it's cool anyway. *shakes head* kids!

Indigo: yes, it's my son. and yes, it's been incredibly tough. thanks for the comment though.

Ruben: to each their own, indeed. what can you do anyway? they have the right to give their son any stupid name they want. you'd think I would be more understanding though. when we named our daughter Hannah, everyone acted like it was the worst name in the world.

and also, Ruben, thank you for sharing some of your positive thoughts with me. you are amazing.

love you guys!!!