Monday, August 22, 2005

back to school

so today is the first day of school for the girls. this morning went surprisingly smooth. it's so nice to have two bathrooms now. well, one and a half, but still it's much better than having to share one bathroom in the mornings.

Casey is starting middle school this year, which will probably be a big change for her. luckily (for my peace of mind!) only the 7th and 8th graders attend middle school so her class is only the youngest by one year. the school is a lot bigger but except for choir and band, she stays on one side of the building. I hope she has a good first day.

Hannah will be a junior this year, so high school is no big deal to her. the only change will be that her brother probably won't be there and neither will their cousin, Hable. I'm hoping that will be a good thing and that she will find her own place instead of relying on them for a social life. she has become a lot more mature over the summer and I think she'll be okay. as long as she can wake up for her first period Latin class!