Thursday, August 25, 2005

overdue update

we're settling into the new house quite nicely. almost everything has been put away or hung up, except for a few family pictures that I want to hang up. Brian put up the shelf above the desk that holds the printer and scanner and hung up the paintings from Ian in Hannah's room. we also put some furniture on the front porch, it's so cute! we all sat out there for about an hour Tuesday night. I think Brian was trying to have some quiet but after he asked me to come out and sit with him, and the girls kinda' followed.

this past weekend was pretty busy. Brian went to see DEVO with Ian Thursday night. they drove to Cleveland for the concert, on a school night! bleh. he got home at about 2:30 and had about five hours of sleep before his work called him and woke him up to come in. after work, he called and invited me to come with him to meet Brian's friend, Doug, at the Eagles for a drink and a game of pool. we had a few drinks and ended up not playing pool. instead we went to Pizza Hut for dinner, because Doug is friends with the manager. we were supposed to go see a band play in Columbus at 10pm that night but I actually fell asleep on the couch before it was time to leave. tee hee!

Saturday we all just hung out at the house, did some housework and then met the family at a park in town for a birthday party. my nephew was turning 14 this weeks. we almost always go to a park for his party. it's usually so nice out and all the cousins hang out and play. soon he's going to be too old for that kind of party and it will be a little sad. that evening Brian grilled yummy ribs for dinner, which took forever. we ended up eating at about 9pm but it was totally worth the wait!

my parents were over Sunday for dinner, which was nice. they were our first invited guests. we spent the whole day cleaning out all the stuff in the garage and doing yardwork and putting away stuff that we brought in from the garage so it was a pretty tiring day. but it was great because the girls helped us with everything. Hannah even made a cake for dessert. yummy!!!

my mother did lose her job. her work says that she didn't show up for work three days in a row so they fired her for job abandonment. she is convinced that she filed out paperwork to take a leave of absence and that's why she didn't go to work. I hate to admit that she is probably wrong, but I'm almost positive that she is.

her memory is worse every time I see her but she keeps cancelling her doctor's appointments, saying that she feels fine. my stepdad won't make her go and won't even try to discuss it with her. she won't listen to any of us kids either. so I guess we aren't going to find out what the problem is for a while. and now that she's not working, they don't have health insurance so I know that will be the next excuse for not seeing a doctor.

it's so frustrating because if doctors know what the problem is, they can try to fix it. and if it's not fixable, we can all start to prepare for whatever will need to be done. I don't know why she is being so difficult. but whenever we talk about it, she acts like nothing is wrong or just gives me a blank stare. I'm really at a loss here.

I met one of our neighbors Monday night. she brought us a loaf of delicious zucchini bread. how cool is that? our neighbors are all older and religious, which is so weird for us. we really don't fit with them. but they're really sweet and that's all that matters.

we're planning on having our friends and family over for a cookout Labor Day weekend to celebrate the new house and our anniversary and to break in the neighborhood. it's going to be a lot of fun and Brian is going to make delicious food. anyone who lives nearby should come over!