Tuesday, August 30, 2005


if I had been going the other way on the highway this morning on my way to work and if the batteries in the digital camera weren't dead, I would have been able to take the perfect picture for Photo Friday. this week's challenge is chaos.

apparently, at about 8:45 this morning, a semi driver lost control of his truck, crossed the median and two lanes of traffic, and ran into the side of an apartment building (link to story is here). I got the picture from there too.


my kids had a two-hour delay to the start of school this morning so we didn't leave the house until after 9am today. we saw this story on the news right before we left. when I drove by the accident, all I could think of was whether or not any kids lived in that apartment. because they would have been home today because of the delay. fortunately, no one in the building was injured. hopefully the driver is okay too.

we used to live in that apartment complex, although not anywhere near this particular building.