Monday, September 26, 2005

another shitty Monday

so far, this day sucks. I have a terrible headache plus cramps. and it's raining and yucky outside. work sucks, as usual. did I mention that my head hurts? because it does. a lot.

I guess things could be worse. and at least this weekend was pretty nice. Friday night we did nothing. we were supposed to go out to dinner but thanks to a check book error on my part, we lost $155.00 in NSF fees. fortunately, this was a week where we could afford a blow to our account like that, if it's possible to be able to throw away $155.00, and not feel it. Brian was pretty pissed about it and so was I but it was my own fault so there really wasn't anything that could be done.

Saturday I took the girls with me to run some errands and have lunch. Brian stayed home to watch the Buckeyes game. my sister went with us and we had a really nice afternoon. we had lunch at Panera Bread, went to Joann, etc. for fabric and scrapbooking stuff. while we were there, we made some cool bracelets for free. after that, we went to Target to goof off and get a few things for the house.

we were supposed to go out with my sister and her husband to the Eagles that night for a Hog Roast but they cancelled on us because he wasn't feeling well. we went out without them though and had a great time. we played darts, which I normally suck at, but that night, I did pretty well.

I think all the hog made me sick though, because I was up pretty much all night with stomach cramps, etc. so Sunday was kind of a sucky day. I was tired, and sore and had a million things to do that couldn't be put off. bleh. we had laundry to do and grocery shopping. also went to stupid Wal-mart to buy a new vacuum. when I opened the box to do some vacuuming, we found out that it was used! ewwww. it had dirt in the bagless thing from whoever had used and returned it so now we have to return to stupid Wal-mart and get a new one.

we watched some football (the Browns barely lost, the Eagles won) and then the Simpsons and Family Guy and I fell asleep on the couch. I wish the weekend could have been longer. but I wish that every weekend :)