Monday, September 19, 2005

bad day

this day is shit so far. and I don't see it getting any better.

the boy left for Utah yesterday, which was awful. not that it won't be good for him, I hope it is. but it was hard for me to say goodbye and let go. and then I thought about it all day yesterday. so I'm already bummed out because of that.

my work situation is becoming more unbearable every day. I have too much work and feel bad when I say I can't take on any more. no one will give me a raise though, so lately I'm not only turning down any new responsibilities, I'm getting rid of some of the stuff I already have. my attitude is terrible. I don't care about anything here anymore because nothing ever changes for the better. ever. I hate being like this but it frustrates me when people don't care and don't want to fix the things that are out of my hands to fix. as an attempt to make my work life less stressful, I am trying to just come in and do my job and go home. it's hard though, because I am the type of person who likes things to be right whenever possible. apparently, that is not something that my company appreciates anyway.

other than that, everything is mostly okay. except that we have to replace a lawnmower this weekend because ours was broken and the one we borrowed got all fucked up while we were using it. so that has to come out of our new washer/dryer fund. bleh. I guess I shouldn't complain about it though, since I didn't actually do laundry this weekend or last weekend. and maybe we can find a good used pair somewhere.

I think/hope we're going out for a nice quiet dinner this weekend. it's only Monday and I already need it desparately!