Thursday, September 15, 2005

it's been an interesting morning so far today. at 11:41, our billing system at work is still processing the overnight cycle so I haven't been able to do a bit of work. normally, when this happens, I just waste time online but our server was down too :( at least that was fixed by 9:00.

while I was internet-less, I read "Florville and Courval (The Works of Fate)" by The Marquis de Sade using an old link that Ian had sent me about a month ago. that story is seriously f'ed up, but in the good way. this girl (Florville) unknowingly sleeps with her brother (he didn't know either), accidentally kills her son who is in love with her (the father took him away when he was born so she didn't know it was him), testifies against her mother who is sentenced to death (the mother gave her away when she was an infant, told her father that she had died, abandoned her father and changed her name) and eventually marries her father (Courval - neither of them knew) and becomes pregnant. she finds out about all of it at once at the end of the story and immediately kills herself. damn.

yesterday, I was helping one of my coworkers with some work stuff and today, to thank me for my help, she brought me a big ole mocha from Caribou Coffee! how sweet was that? it was completely unexpected and just so nice. it really made my morning :) it's so huge and yummy, I should be extra energized today!

I updated the photo blog a little. just some minor changes really. I put some new pictures up too. you all have to see this one of our doggie:

wow, I just found out that I got some comments on my pictures. that's so awesome.

it seems like all the caffeine and free time is making this post a little unfocused. I think I need to go waste some more time on Blog Explosion and share the randomness with some strangers!