Wednesday, October 19, 2005

holy cow. the order of Chicken Lo-mein I just got from Mark Pi's for lunch is huge. seriously, it's enough for three people. I know what Casey is having for dinner later. she loves it when I have Chinese for lunch :)

this morning on the way to work I drove past a van that was on fire!!! it was less than a mile from my work so when I got here I could still see tons of smoke and a little bit of fire above the trees. I took two pictures, I'll post at least one of them later tonight. I wanted to take a picture from close up (what kind of person does that make me?) but didn't want to look like a big jerk. when I passed it, the whole front of the van was on fire but no emergency people were there yet so it had to have just happened. the driver was already out of the van, talking on a cell phone so I'm sure no one was hurt.

by the time I got to my floor and got clocked in, it was too late to see anything. which sucked because the view from the other end of our building would have been perfect. by the way, check out how beautiful my work is but ignore my poor editing (I only have "Paint" at work):


it's not a great picture of the building but it's all I could find online. you get the idea though. it's surround on all sides by water, except for the little driveway that leads up to the building. Brian calls it an island fortress, like in James Bond movies. unfortunately, we're moving out of here in December. what was my point again? oh mmmmmm, fire.