Wednesday, November 02, 2005

cranky biotch

I really don't know why my husband puts up with me sometimes. well, I know why. it's because he loves me. but I'm sure there are times when it's harder than others. like last night. Brian brought home Revenge of the Sith and a bottle of wine last night. we cuddled up on the loveseat and watched the movie until the wine made me too sleepy and I moved to the couch to sleep.

the girls were already in bed, the dog was sleeping on the chair, I was sleeping peacefully. until the final fight scene, which was incredibly loud. but not as loud as Brian's potato chip bag, which was not as loud as the sound of him eating the chips. I rolled over and grumbled something about the noise and tried to get back to sleep. after a few more minutes of being woken up by the tv and the chips, I went to bed. I'm sure I was crankier than I should have been. but man, I hate to be woken up when I'm trying to sleep.

you'd think that I would just go to bed when I'm tired but I don't like going to bed by myself. I had too many years of that already. and besides, I love it when we both climb into bed and talk about things that we've been too busy to talk about during the day. it's my favorite time alone with him. I'd rather lose sleep than lose that.

in other boring news, I finally decided not to participate in the NaNoWriMo thing. I really was considering it but didn't feel like I could dedicate the time to it right now. maybe if I had spent a little more time trying to think of something to write about, I would have felt more confident about participating. and of course, now that I'm definitely not doing it, I wish that I was. I'm really impressed by the people I know who are participating though. Indigo is posting her story on her blog as she writes it, which is very cool. and Raehan is writing away too. they're both so much busier than I am in real life, I feel like a total wuss now :)