Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm post-crazy today!

four girls in my department are pregnant. all of them are in their 20s. one of them is the cool younger chick that sits across from me. I love hearing them talk about being pregnant. and seeing their ultrasound pictures and tiny little baby clothes. it reminds me of how much I loved it when I was pregnant. it was the best. little or no morning sickness, easy/short labors and deliveries. sometimes I actually miss it :)

but those days are over for me. besides, while I might have enough patience to take care of a newborn, I definitely don't have enough energy anymore. I get tired just thinking about all the work that goes into it. I do regret not being able to have a child with Brian but he says that being a father to the kids we already have is enough. we'll have to settle for being godparents I guess.