Wednesday, November 09, 2005

one more reason why you should be glad you're not married to me - like you really need another :)

I am completely silly and out of control and obnoxious when I have too much caffeine. to the point where I almost want to slap myself. it's bad. ask Ian, he actually banned me from drinking Mt. Dew when we worked at k!nko's together. I usually limit the amount of caffeine I have every day to a cup of coffee in the morning and a soda with lunch but sometimes it's not enough.

yesterday morning at my desk, I could not stay awake. so I had a second cup of coffee and a light snack at 11:00. because sometimes lack of food makes me light-headed and sleepy so I thought it might be that. I was super busy with work stuff so I didn't stop for lunch until after 1:30. I still felt like I didn't have any energy so I had my diet cherry coke with my lunch. the rest of the day seemed to go okay, I wasn't tired anymore and the hours just flew by.

I was in my car and headed home when that caffeine finally hit. all at once. I was really hyper for no reason and suddenly in a great mood. I didn't realize what it was at first so I tried to find a CD to go along with my energy and mood which, thinking back, probably wasn't the best idea. I should have tried to find something to calm me down. hell, Red House Painters was in the CD holder and would have done the trick nicely :)

by the time I got home, my obnoxiousness was at an all-time high. my poor family...they were completely unprepared. Brian was opening a bottle of wine for us to have with dinner, which was lovely. and probably the only reason I calmed down and actually got some sleep last night. I did promise to limit my caffeine intake today. so far, so good!