Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I was a band geek in high school. and middle school. and elementary school. although I don't think it was really geeky to be in band when I was in elementary school. everyone joined band, well almost everyone. I started playing the flute when I was in third grade and played until I graduated high school. that's ten years, baby. it was crazy.

it was fun though. I really liked it until eighth grade. but by then, the flute was already paid for so my grandmother wouldn't let me quit. I don't know why she even cared. it's not like she came to many concerts and when she did, she just made fun of me afterwards.

I was good at it too. really good at it. I was first chair every year except for my freshman year, when I was third chair out of about twelve. my junior and senior year I got to assign chairs for the rest of my section. oh yeah, I was the shit back then. relatively speaking. and before you ask, yes, that is me in the picture, rocking that cape and wearing a yellow feather in my hat. the actual picture isn't really that speckled, I just forgot to clean the scanner glass and was too lazy to rescan. the picture was taken in either 1984 or 1985.

it was great. most of my high school memories involved band stuff. I met all of my high school boyfriends (except the last one) in band. I met some really nice kids and got to do things that I wouldn't have been allowed to do otherwise. there were overnight trips and hotel rooms and four hour bus rides and football and basketball games. it was always harmless, innocent fun...at least for me.