Thursday, December 22, 2005

so busy :|

this week was supposed to be nice and calm and ordinary. just a normal week until Saturday. but one of Brian's teeth broke over the weekend, so I had to schedule an appointment for him with the dentist on Tuesday. the dentist couldn't pull the tooth so we had to schedule an appointment with the oral surgeon on Wednesday. he also had an appointment Wednesday morning with the neurologist about his head twitching thing, but I rescheduled that one.

his car isn't working right now (the alarm is flipping out and not letting the car start) so I had to leave work at 11:30 to take him in to have the tooth removed. when we were about ten minutes away from the office, he realized that he forgot the x-ray that our dentist had done yesterday. and of course, the oral surgeon would need that x-ray and of course, we were about 30 minutes away from home.

luckily, our dentist was close by. unluckily, they were out to lunch until 1:00. I called them at 1:00 and they made a copy of the x-ray. I drove to their office after leaving Brian at the oral surgeon's to fill out paperwork and drove back with his x-ray. by this time it was about 1:45. I was starving and have trouble with low blood sugar so I had to leave after they took him back. I somehow managed to find the world's slowest McDonald's and by the time I got back to the dentist place, it was about 2:30 and he had just finished. poor guy, he looked really miserable and tired and sore.

we drove home and I had to keep him awake the whole time because his gums were bleeding. I know he was just exhausted, and in terrible pain. it must have been very frustrating not to be able to just lie down and sleep. he ended up not going to sleep until about 10:00 but by then he was feeling a lot better. still a little sore, of course. but much better.

I'm so happy he's doing better. he was still sore this morning but he did sleep through the night for the first time since Saturday. he went back to work this morning, which was also nice. missing two days without any vacation or sick time left is going to hurt next week. but it wasn't avoidable so there's no point in complaining about it. I'm just thankful that it happened after the x-mas stuff was done.

in other news, the head twitching thing may be something called Essential Tremor. his dad has it and it's hereditary. he's had the hand-shaking thing since high school. it seems to fit so we hope that's all it is. his rescheduled appointment with the neurologist is next month, so wish us luck!