Sunday, January 08, 2006

brokeback mountain

my sister and I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday afternoon. it was such an incredible movie. everything good I had heard about it was true, it was beautifully shot, well-acted and touching. the love story was completely believable and I'm still thinking about the characters more than 24 hours later.

of course we couldn't get either of our husbands to see it with us, which was probably for the best. I was distracted enough by the couple in their 70s that was sitting beside us. as soon as they sat down, I knew that they had no idea what the movie was actually about. and as soon as the first love scene started, the husband started squirming around in his seat, whispering things to his wife.

I felt bad for them. because they obviously didn't intend to put themselves in that situation. and because I couldn't help but giggle at their predicament behind my hand. poor old guy did a lot of squirming :) but they were mostly respectful and did stay for the entire movie, much to my surprise.

the story itself reminded me of a situation in my own life, trying to live a life that you didn't really believe in. trying to hold on to a few small moments of happiness that you managed to find with someone in the same situation as you. it's not enough though, two half-lives don't equal a whole one. but it does make for a great movie!