Thursday, January 19, 2006

good news/bad news/other news

good news: hubby got a promotion at work and a raise! it's so exciting. he works in the office now, or he will in the next few days or so. I'm really so happy for him, because working in the shop made him miserable. and he deserves this, because he is just so smart and he's been a good and loyal employee there forever. plus it's good experience. so yay!

bad news: my brother's stupid girlfriend wrote me a check last week to pay me back for the $100 I lent to her. it f'ing bounced! of course since then, they've broken up. again. and she isn't even attempting to pay me back. so I had to file a stupid police report and have to see someone in the Prosecutor's office on Friday if I want my money. not that there's a guarantee that I'll get it even after I go to all that trouble. but $100 is worth the effort. $110 if I add in the fee from my bank. NEW POLICY: lend money to no one.

other news: my work is moving to a new building tomorrow. which means we get to take half a day off! it will be neat to have a new desk/cubicle on Monday. I know...I'm a dork.