Sunday, January 29, 2006

noise aversion

why are there so many people in the office today? I had to come in this weekend and do some end-of-month work (and make up some hours I missed earlier in the week). I expected it to be pretty empty and quiet. it's neither of those things. especially in my area. and the people who are here are loud and talking on cell phones and pissing me off. I should have stayed home.

I hate noise. it doesn't even have to be especially loud. the noise I'm making right now, typing this post, is annoying. people talking louder than necessary, commercials on television, that crunching sound cereal makes when you eat it, the sound you hear when a car window isn't rolled up all the drives me insane. not all noise, just when it's unnecessary. loud music is okay, as long as I like the music. laughter, I love the sound of laughter. I even laugh loudly myself sometimes. okay, lots of times :)

you know, I swear I had a point when I started this post. it seems to have gotten lost. I'm just irritated and I didn't dress warmly enough today so I'm freezing and extra irritable. it's Sunday, dammit. I should be at home, enjoying a qiuet morning, eating a nice breakfast with hubby and watching stupid stuff on tv instead of being at work, freezing my ass off. that what I get for not coming in yesterday. then again, the noise would have probably been worse. working on weekends sucks. hey! I found my point!!!