Monday, January 09, 2006

soooooo tired today...stayed up late, late, late talking to hubby in bed. it was nice, we talked about lots of stuff that we really needed to talk about. I always feel so much better about everything after we talk.

the boy might finally have a job. I'm so excited! unfortunately, it's just at Walmart but at least it's better than having him sitting at home on the computer all day. plus he'll be making some money, which he really needs. so yay!

I got a new t-shirt on Friday. two actually, but I couldn't find a picture of the second one. I love this one though! the other one is a pink tank with that Rolling Stones mouth on it that says "The Rolling Stones" in black. it's pretty cute. and it was on clearance, so yay to that too!

I probably shouldn't have spent the money on either of them but it's been forever since I've bought something for myself. this shirt will be the next one I get. I don't have to say it. but I can't help it, I heart Harry!