Tuesday, February 21, 2006

my first renter

So I'm giving this "Rent My Blog" thing a try. It's a Blog Explosion feature. Last week I rented space from Moonshine, which was fun. I got some good traffic, even if most of it was from Izzy herself :)

This week I'm renting out space. And my very first renter is also one of my very favorite bloggers, Cate from Snozzberries! Her blog is equal parts snarkiness and silliness and there are tons of overshares, pop culture references and pictures. What more could a reader want? For 10 credits, she probably doesn't expect too much. But please do me a favor and click on the thumbnail just below my profile. I guarantee she'll make you laugh!

ps - I'm trying to properly capitalize my sentences, etc. in honor of Cate's visit. She is quite the grammar, spelling and punctuation nazi. In the good way :)