Wednesday, February 01, 2006

new name, new look

so I moved the blog and updated the template all in the same week. Blog Explosion doesn't like that and won't give me a new thumbnail for 7 days so I'll still get to look at the old template until then. that's cool, I still like that template :) I like this one too, even if it's a bit grey. the original color was a neat green-ish one but I was having trouble with it so I changed it to this one. maybe I'll fix it sometime. maybe not.

we had my parents over for dinner tonight. it was yummy, of course. hubby made ribs and my mom made a cake. I should make more of an effort to see them. it's just hard sometimes, not only because of my resentment towards anyone who was a part of my childhood but also because her memory is getting worse and worse and it frustrates me that she isn't taking care of herself. she told us three times in about an hour that their neighbors moved. good news, though, they're finally going back to the doctor to get more tests run. hopefully, she'll be able to get some sort of diagnosis and then some help.

so the night turned out much better than I thought. we'll have to do that again sometime soon. Brian loves cooking for other people. he's so wonderful.

is it Friday yet?