Wednesday, February 08, 2006

not dead, just dying

man, I feel so terrible. Hannah was sick last week (missed three days of school) and now I must have gotten whatever she had because I am so sick. unfortunately, the first of the month is waaaaay busy so I can't take time off to stay home in bed. that's right. I'm at work, spreading the germs. that's what happens when you don't have a backup, which I've been asking for since October 2003. oh well! other people were sick at work last week and the week before that so the germs were already here before I got sick. so I didn't start it, but I'm not helping either.

we had a lovely weekend, spent lots of time with the kids and some time alone with hubby. we had people over for the Super Bowl on Sunday. what a boring game. plus Seattle got screwed by the refs big time. but we had a good time anyway, hanging out with our favorite people, eating yummy food and yelling at the television :) and I did a ton of scrapbooking, which was awesome.

so yeah, working and this cold or whatever are kicking my ass. good news though: I have an interview with my boss's boss tomorrow for a supervisory position here. I'm sure a million people applied so odds are, I won't get it. not because I'm not qualified (which I totally am) but because most of the other people have been here forever. still, it will be good practice and there's always a chance that I'll get it. so wish my luck with that! and if you want, you can send me some soup and hot tea to make me feel better.