Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If I complain later about having a stomach ache, someone please remind me that I just ate a two-day old scone and it's my own dumb fault.

Casey didn't get to leave last night. Her flight was scheduled for a 7:15 pm departure to Nashville and then on to Vegas. We were informed at the gate that the plane to Nashville was coming from Baltimore and that there was really bad weather in Baltimore that was causing a delay. And by the time the plane got in, we weren't sure if she would be in time to make her connection in Nashville. We rescheduled her for a 7:45 am flight this morning, which actually worked out better for her because it was a direct flight. It was not so good for me, because it made for a hectic morning. Plus, you know...she's gone for a month and that's never good for me.

I'm tired. We're going to a NIN concert tonight too.