Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So tired

Seriously. Yesterday, at the airport, was exhausting. Having to get up early and go back was even worse. I am completely worn out. I just want to hide under my desk and take a nap. That is not going to happen. And we have that show tonight too, which will make me even more tired tomorrow. Y'all should be glad you don't work with me!

Good things:
  1. Casey made it to Utah safely. She just called me. I miss her more than ever.
  2. Brian said that he laughed out loud last night at the airport while listening to my iPod when "Rock Lobster" as sung by Peter Griffin played. Too funny!
  3. Casey and I got some yummy Bath & Body Works stuff while we were waiting at the airport last night. On sale - buy one, get one free. I got Frozen Daiquiri and she got Pomegranate Martini.
  4. We also had Max + Erma's while we were waiting at the airport.
  5. Three blogger updates in two days. Wait, is that good?

Bad things:

  1. I miss my kid. And she's gone for almost a whole month.
  2. I'm extra whiny today. So whiny I'm getting on my own nerves.
  3. I just realized that I will probably be at least 10 years older than everyone else at the show tonight. Except Brian, I'm only three years older than he is.

More good than bad. I'll stop now.