Thursday, February 03, 2005

posting a picture...maybe.

invite artwork
Originally uploaded by mrsdort.
this is actually the artwork for our CD but look at how beautiful Brian's drawing for our wedding invite was/is. we both have it tattooed on our arms (my left, his right).

Fidget posted a link to some of her beautiful artwork recently and it reminded me of this drawing so I thought I'd share.


Chick said...

Oh, Michelle...I love it. It's lovingly tender.

Maybe, sometime soon, I'll have the courage to post some of my artwork too.

Michelle said...

I so wish that I could draw. it's definitely a talent that I do not have. and Brian is so amazing, this drawing made me cry when he showed it to me. everyone loved it, I'm glad you do too. and I can't wait to see some of your artwork, Chick.

Todd S. said...

that's absolutely gorgeous.

Michelle said...

thank you, Todd. looking at that artwork always makes me teary-eyed. he is so talented.