Sunday, November 20, 2005

our weekend in reverse: Harry Potter was wonderful, such a great movie! I loved it. and I want to see it again already. the wedding was beautiful, everything was so nice and the food was delicious and there was free beer and a chocolate fountain. our godson/nephew's birthday party was fun. there were a ton of people there and he got lots of presents. ours was the best though, we bought him a sit n spin. remember those? he really seemed to love it.

great weekend. and a three day work week coming up! plus the boy is coming home. things didn't work out in Utah, I guess. I'm really excited and happy that he's coming back. thinking about not having him home for the holidays was really making me depressed.

speaking of depressed, Brian's eye/forehead twitch isn't going away. it seems like it's getting worse but that's probably just because I keep watching it. still, I'm calling our doctor tomorrow to see what he thinks. I wish we had at least some idea of what it might be.

enough worrying. peach pie is waiting for me in the kitchen. and Family Guy is going to be on in about ten minutes.